Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs

BitPath is more than just a new wireless network: it’s a whole new open wireless platform that brings powerful new capabilities to the wireless ecosystem. Never before has it been possible to send data files or continuous data streams wirelessly to an unlimited number of fixed or mobile devices with a single transmission. We’re working with partners to leverage our unique network to create new services and find ways to improve existing services.

Towards that end, BitPath is in the process of establishing innovation labs in markets across the country that have launched IP broadcasting using ATSC 3.0,  commercially known as NEXTGEN TV*. Application developers, device makers, vehicle manufacturers, OEMs, governments, university labs, service providers, and other qualified parties can use these innovation labs to conduct real-world testing of BitPath’s all-new IP network using a live broadcast airchain.

*The NEXTGEN TV logo is an unregistered trademark of the Consumer Technology Association and is used by permission.

BitPath is also working to optimize Single Frequency Network (SFN) technology to enhance and expand network coverage, capacity and performance.  BitPath partnered with leading broadcasters and American Tower to build the nation’s first SFN in Dallas. 



Working with One Media and MSW, BitPath has conducted extensive field trials to systematically evaluate the signal coverage (field strength), service (reception), and service margin (robustness) of this Dallas SFN. The datasets can give our partners a detailed view of how BitPath’s Broadcast Data Network can work for their applications and services.

If you are interested in evaluating the BitPath Network through our innovation labs, or discussing the results of our Dallas SFN testing, please submit an inquiry through our contact page.