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Spectrum Co Becomes BitPath

By Sasha Javid

May 26, 2020

Today is a momentous day for our company and for both the wireless and broadcast television industries.  At 10 am, four television stations – two from Sinclair Broadcast Group,  one from Nexstar Media Group and one from E.W. Scripps Company – launched NEXTGEN TV service in Las Vegas.  This is the first commercial deployment of the new all-IP broadcasting standard that can deliver a dramatically improved audio and video experience for consumers.  But this launch is significant for another reason:  It signifies the launch of the new BitPath network.

The BitPath network is the first wireless network that does not slow down.  Why?  Because it is built using a new wireless broadcasting standard enabled by the same technology that makes NEXTGEN TV service possible.  This broadcasting architecture supports the sending of files to an unlimited number of users – or even the real-time streaming of data – without burdening the network to the point that it slows down, or worse.

We are so excited about the potential of the BitPath network that we have also decided today to change the name of our company from the Spectrum Consortium to BitPath.  From the start, our goal was to enable new data services by aggregating spectrum capacity from television stations that transition to NEXTGEN TV.  But with the launch of our network in Las Vegas, the BitPath network is now open for business and our new name will help businesses, governments, entrepreneurs, or other innovators looking for better wireless connectivity options to find us more easily.

Las Vegas is just the start.  In the coming months, we plan to light up our network in more and more markets across the country.  So we hope you will continue to follow our progress via our new website and blog.    And if you are already interested in testing your data services using the BitPath network, please reach out to us at